The Tasvent is a official dealer of Vianen brand in Kazakhstan. Our model, the Fecon–UV filter is designed to remove grease particles from the extract air stream of commercial kitchen ventilation systems in combination with the UV system. The interlocking semi-circular
blades of the filter create multiple centrifugal forces as the air passes through the filter which ensures
efficiency rates of 95% are achieved. The filters are mounted in the canopy at an inclined angle of 45°
and the non-clogging nature of the baffle filters allows the grease to run off the filters into integral
drainage channels within the canopy or ceiling system. Each filter features two integral handles to make
removal and refitting of the filters an easy operation. The Fecon–UV filter has been tested and is
certified as an effective flame barrier i.e. no flame penetration through the filter in the event of a kitchen fire

Vianen Fecon-UV Filters are constructed entirely of type 304 stainless steel (1.0 – 1.2mm thick), folded
and welded with an ultra fine grain polished finish. The 40mm thick filter is provided with two integral
handles for ease of handling. The top and bottom of the filter frame features slots providing a 10%
free area which allows moisture and grease to easily drain away. The Fecon– UV Filters are resistant to
aggressive detergents and designed to fit in any commercial dishwasher for cleaning.
• The Fecon-UV filter has a special UV-C light reflecting element on the back so that it is impossible for
UV-C light to be visible through the filter;
• The Fecon UV filter has to be inserted into channel profiles at the top and bottom of the canopy
casing which ensures that no UV light is visible;
• The Fecon UV filters are placed in the canopy on the right hand side and are
slid into position towards the left and the last filter is the filter with an
embossed arrow which when in place activates the pressure sensor. Should
this filter not be positioned correctly over the safety sensor the UV-C system
will not operate.

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